Hot Offers

Hot Offer 1

50% Off Selected Units (First 2 Months Only)

Get in early and save. Book and move in during June and we will take 50% off your first two months.   Book Now

* conditions apply ask in store.

Hot Offer 2

20% Off Guaranteed for 6 months

Save 20% off the standard unit price. We will guarantee this rate for 6 months.  Enjoy the low monthly rate on selected units.  Minimum stay 1 month.     Book Now


Hot Offer 3

Promo deals

No need to bargain we have reduced these units to the best rate possible. Flat monthly rate with no further discounts. Short term or long term you know this is as low as it goes.   Offer applies to selected units with 7 day access from 5.00am to 9pm

Book Now 

* conditions apply ask in store.

Hot Offer 4

Free Move In Truck

Save on removal & truck hire costs and use our free move in truck. We waive the hire fee, insurance fee is applicable.  Not available to units 4 metes square or under.