About Us

The King family started in the Self Storage industry in 1991 and operate 2 Self Storage businesses in Melbourne. John, son David and daughter Julie are supported by a team of professionals to provide personalised Self Storage advice for home and commercial Self Storage advice. Storage for cars, caravans and containers is also available at some locations as well as mini warehouses.

Locations include Glen Waverley, Mulgrave and Thomastown.

The group have built up a comprehensive list of suppliers to help with all aspects of storing, moving, packing, insuring and caring for your goods.
Our Manager at Glen Waverley is Andrew Paulsen, who joins us with over 10 years experience in customer service and solving your Storage needs.

Our store is open from 8.30am – 6.00pm Monday – Friday and 8.30am – 4.00pm on Saturdays.

Contact us for recommended removalists in your local area.

Our new store has an extensive CCTV monitoring system with back to base monitoring, protecting your valuable Storage.
7 day a week access is allowed and the site is locked, alarmed and monitored after closing hours.

This is the most secure way to store your goods.

We offer an extensive range of packing and moving materials to make the process of packing your goods smooth and efficient.
We have a range of economical re-cycled boxes at affordable prices, see our box shop for more

Storage units and sizes

Our selection of unit sizes to suit your needs and meet your budget. Long term discounts are available.

>Self Storage is cost effective.
>Self Storage is safe.
>Self Storage is convenient.
>Self Storage allows you to expand your business without expanding your premises.
Access is convenient and easy.

No appointment needed for access.You control the key to your space.

You maintain total control over who is allowed to access the space.

Businesses of all types, sizes and maturity can benefit by using Self Storage spaces.